Providing select qualified Investors with Great Returns

Prosper Living can provide great opportunities for select qualified investors.

Do you want to: 

Grow your savings at a higher rate than you are currently getting ?

Build cash flow from another source than your day job ?

Supplement your retirement income ?

Create additional wealth for yourself and your family ? 

Create a better quality of life for yourself and your loved ones ?

Prosper Living can help select qualified investors to achieve this through: 

Short to medium term investment opportunities delivering great returns.

Joint ventures to share the risk and reward. 

Portfolio building support through sourcing.

For more information and case study details:

For a confidential chat to discuss your circumstances and explore tailored solutions please email me.

I am not an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), nor do I offer legal, tax or accounting advice, but I work with professional advisors to find suitable solutions. Please use your own professional advisors to explore and understand your options. Any investor must be qualified for regulatory requirements. Property prices may go up or down.

Why invest in UK property now? 

UK property is a relatively safe and sound choice of asset class. 

UK rental demand outstrips supply, in a country with limited land and an increasing population. 

Since 2002, demand for rental property has almost doubled. A growing population in the UK means that demand is constantly increasing while housing supply is at a 100-year low.

In the next 20 years the number of UK households is expected to reach 28 million, an increase of around 250,000 households each year. During the same period, single person households is predicted to increase by a further 3.2 million, accounting for 20% of all households and placing an even greater demand on available housing stocks.

“I like spotting talent and finding people who can add massive value to business partners, while embracing great values. To me Irene Anggard Agnell is such an example.”

Alexander Seery, Awarded Property Investor, Author, Business Coach, Entrepreneur

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