Helping You to Relax and Retire Now

In the face of reduced profits and increased regulation, now may be a great time to sell your property or portfolio, so you can retire and relax now. 

We look to find bespoke solutions, to help you achieve the outcome you need.

There is a lot of change and uncertainty for UK landlords at present, such as reduced mortgage interest tax relief, interest rate rises, increased regulation and uncertainties around Brexit. 

Profits are on the decline and costs and hassle are on the increase.

As you will know higher income UK tax payers, who own UK rental properties in their own name, will be paying up to 20% more tax, over the next four years, depending on their situation. This is due to reduced mortgage interest relief (clause 24 of the Finance Bill 2015-16). In light of this, if you are thinking of how you could restructure your portfolio, perhaps we can help you to find a solution.

Landlords also face increasing costs such as interest rate rises and costs associated with enhanced regulations and licensing requirements.

If you are considering selling multiple properties, we may be able to help you as a single buyer. This would simplify the sales process on a multi-unit sale, maximise tax efficiencies and minimise  fees. 

Or we could offer you a guaranteed rent, giving you certainty about a regular income. If you like, we could also buy the property from you in the future.

We would be happy to help you to find bespoke solutions, to help you achieve the outcome you need.

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I am not an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), nor do I offer legal, tax or accounting advice, but I work with professional advisors to find suitable solutions. Please use your own professional advisors to explore and understand your options.

“I have known and worked with Irene for a few years now in property. She is not only a pleasure and joy to deal with, but manages her projects, teams and clients with professionalism to achieve a great outcome for all parties involved, with ethics always in mind.”

Deena Honey, Property Professional

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