Helping You to Sell or Move On Now

If you are looking to sell, we may be able to give you the outcome you want or help you to move on now.

Stop Repossession

We can help prevent the repossession 

of your home, if you are looking for a 

quick sale.

Negative Equity

If you are stuck in negative equity preventing you from moving out of your home, we can help you move on.

Quick Sale

Depending on the circumstances, we can provide a quick sale of the property.

For a confidential chat to discuss your circumstances and explore tailored solutions call 020 7754 0311, or alternatively email me.

I am not an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), nor do I offer legal, tax or accounting advice, but I work with professional advisors to find suitable solutions. Please use your own professional advisors to explore and understand your options.

“I have known Irene for a few years now, having worked as her Letting Agent in Swindon. I have found Irene’s vision, understanding of the business and her approach to getting things done correctly first time, a breath of fresh air. Irene is extremely complimentary when dealing with my team, while her down to earth approach does reap awards and benefits all when dealing in business together… Irene is always looking to improve standards and services, wanting the overall customer experience to be excellent instead of good. Irene always pays promptly. If we had more clients like Irene, especially in terms of her excellent communication, I would suggest I would have a lot less stress within the Company”

Ashley Cain, Moovahome Sales and Lettings, Swindon

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