Helping You to Prosper and Live Well Now


Helping you to Relax and Retire Now


Helping you to Sell or Move On Now


Providing select qualified Investors with Great Returns


Providing you with a Beautiful Living


On Key Property



Helping you to Achieve your Goals Faster

We believe

that everyone can achieve the freedom they want

We look for

ethical win-win solutions to achieve great outcomes for all

We value

ethical relationships and partnerships based on trust for all

We provide

beautiful living to tenants and homebuyers

Our Philosophy and Values

Hello, my name is Irene Anggard Agnell

Prosper Living was created from my vision to help people achieve the freedom they want through property. Quite simply, to help people get the Living they want and Prosper now. By helping landlords, sellers or qualified investors, Prosper Living looks to provide a better outcome for all, through tailored solutions to property problems, and in doing so, provide a beautiful living for tenants and homebuyers.

I believe that everyone can achieve the freedom they want in life.

“I like spotting talent and finding people who can add massive value to business partners, while embracing great values. To me Irene Anggard Agnell is such an example.”

Alexander Seery, Awarded Property Investor, Author, Business Coach, Entrepreneur

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Prosper Living Ltd, 2nd Floor Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD

Telephone: +44 20 7754 0311


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